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Discover LeSaar Atelier


Striving for perfection in every stitch


Tailoring by request, considering your desires


Preserving the finest Estonian handcrafting methods


Reflecting the latest fashion trends

Seasonal collections from LeSaar Atelier

discover inspiring collections for every season.

In each season, we craft unique looks, blending fashion trends with our vision of beauty.


The freshness of new beginnings


Brightness and lightness


Cozy fabrics and warm tones


Elegance of cold days

Jelena Heinsaar: the soul of LeSaar Atelier

meet Jelena Heinsaar – a talented designer and the founder of our atelier

Jelena embodies a genuine passion for fashion, craftsmanship, and creativity. Her inspiration and unique design perspective are at the core of every LeSaar collection.

Designer's Journey

From initial sketches to establishing my own atelier.


The nature of Estonia, global trends, and personal narratives.


Bringing beauty and quality into people’s everyday lives.

Future Projects

New collections and exclusive collaborations.

Philosophy of LeSaar Atelier

discover the values and principles that guide us in the world of fashion.

at the core of our atelier lies the idea of merging traditions and modernity. We craft not just garments, but stories.


Attire for various life occasions.


Comfort in every movement.


Simplicity and style in the details.


Reflecting the inner world through fashion.

The choice of materials at LeSaar Atelier

get acquainted with carefully selected fabrics that form the foundation of our creations.

We believe that quality begins with the right choice of materials. Each fabric at LeSaar is selected with special attention to detail.

At LeSaar Atelier's Guest: Showroom in Tallinn

visit us to see and experience our collections.

The LeSaar Atelier showroom is where fashion comes to life

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