Summer 2021

The Summer 2021 collection from Lesaar Atelier reflects the freshness and ease of the marine element. Bright pastel tones, airy fabrics, and light cuts perfectly match the summer breeze and seascape, inviting relaxation and leisure.
Effortless Glamour

A luxurious pink dress with a waist strap and front buttons offers a classic silhouette with a modern feel. It’s the perfect choice for a day on a yacht or a stroll along the pier, combining comfort and style.

Seaside Leisure

A dark blue off-the-shoulder dress with a waist accent emphasizes casual elegance. The soft material and relaxed cut allow for easy movement and enjoyment of a summer day.

Femininity and Grace

A pale pink dress with ruffles and a waist strap creates a playful yet elegant look. Open shoulders add a sense of femininity, making it ideal for summer evenings or romantic outdoor encounters.

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