Vibes of Dubai 2022

The "Vibes of Dubai 2022" collection captures the spirit of grandeur and the fashion trends of one of the world's most luxurious cities. The stunning ensembles blend audacity and elegance, highlighting the uniqueness of each model.
Punane Elujõud

The red blazer dress emphasizes boldness and femininity, perfectly suited for the dynamic lifestyle of Dubai. Its asymmetrical cut and vivid color make it the centerpiece of any event.

Vivid Combination

The daring pairing of a yellow jacket with ruffles and a green top against plaid trousers creates a unique and memorable look. This outfit reflects not just fashion trends but also the personality of the wearer.

Serene Blue Elegance

The turquoise evening gown with a minimalist design fits seamlessly into Dubai’s luxurious atmosphere. The simplicity of the lines and the elegance of the cut underscore status and refined taste.

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