Winter 2020

The Winter 2020 collection from Lesaar Atelier immerses you in the atmosphere of a luxurious evening event, where each look exudes refinement and charm. Shimmering fabrics and classic black shades combine to create an elegant and memorable style.
Exquisite Splendor

The highlight of the collection is a snow-white suit with sparkles, complemented by a romantic ruffle and a bow at the waist. This bold yet refined combination gives the outfit a worldly charm and accentuates the beauty of festive moments.

Classic and Contemporary

A classic men’s suit in traditional black is presented with a modern twist. This look perfectly matches any evening attire, adding rigor and sophistication to every event.

Glitz of Nightlife

Sequin-embellished dresses reflect light and capture gazes, promising that their wearer will be the star of the evening. Gold and blue glitter dresses create a unique look that is both daring and elegant.

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