Autumn 2021

The LeSaar Atelier Autumn 2021 collection is a harmonious blend of rich tones and subtle classics, created to highlight the beauty of autumn days.
Warm Tones of Cold Times

In this collection, we see a combination of warm beige and bright fuchsia, adding a special accent to the outfits. A coat in soft tones with a vibrant accent complements the strict cut of the dress, creating a dynamic and modern style.

Geometry of Autumn Elegance

Lines and shapes play a key role in this collection, presenting dresses with geometric prints in pastel shades. The combination with a classic dark blue coat gives the look a polished appearance, perfectly harmonizing with the autumn landscape.

Psychedelic Patterns in Autumn Trend

Wavy patterns and bright colors on the blouse bring a touch of psychedelia to the collection. This clothing element, combined with classic trousers, creates a confident and expressive look, perfect for the modern woman.

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