Spring-Summer 2021

The Spring-Summer 2021 collection from Lesaar Atelier is dominated by bright colors and clean lines, reflecting a modern take on elegance. Bold shades of blue and lemon provide a sense of freshness and optimism, emphasizing individuality and confidence in each look.
Modern Elegance

Shades of blue and purple represent a blend of classic elegance and boldness. The use of color blocking and simple silhouettes creates a focus on a modern approach to design and sophistication.

Brightness and Energy

The lemon-yellow color energetically breaks up the monochromatic style, bringing brightness and positivity to every day. The sleeveless top and high-waisted palazzo pants are perfect for the warm season, embodying freedom and lightness.

Refined Practicality

The pastel pink blazer, paired with dark trousers, provides the perfect balance between professional rigor and femininity. This look is great for business meetings as well as everyday wear, highlighting the versatility of the collection.

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