Spring-Summer 2020

LeSaar Atelier Spring-Summer 2020 collection is a bold combination of classic and modernity embodied in luxurious fabrics and feminine silhouettes, created for the expressiveness and elegance of the modern woman.
Black Splendor

The black dress with an exquisite slit and transparent sleeves from LeSaar Atelier is the embodiment of restrained sensuality and style. An ideal choice for a formal evening or an elegant event.

Bold Color Accent

The brightness and freshness of turquoise tones in this collection bring a sense of spring air and lightness. A blouse with a bow and ruffles adds romance and sophistication to everyday and business looks.

Green Spring Freshness

The green dress with an abstract pattern highlights the cheerfulness and optimism inherent in the warm season. The flared silhouette and moderate length make this outfit versatile for any occasion.

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