Autumn 2020

The LeSaar Atelier Autumn 2020 collection captures the subtle elegance of the fall season, combining classic silhouettes with bold prints.
Autumn Contrast Games

LeSaar Atelier Autumn collection plays with contrasts, presenting classic black shorts paired with a blouse adorned with a bold zigzag print. This combination exudes confidence and style, perfect for the autumn urban landscape.

Geometry and Color

Embracing the fashion challenges of autumn, LeSaar Atelier introduces a dress with a geometric print that adds playfulness to the look while maintaining femininity and sophistication. The fitted cut accentuates the figure, and bright colors bring warmth to the ensemble.

Floral Romance of the Autumn Season

Floral motifs in LeSaar Atelier Autumn 2020 collection reflect the softness and romanticism characteristic of the fading warmth. A dress paired with an elegant red tie creates a modern lady’s image ready for autumn changes.

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