Winter 2021

The Winter 2021 collection from Lesaar Atelier wraps you in the warmth of cold days, combining the richness of fabrics and the saturation of colors. Shades of burgundy and emerald create an atmosphere of festivity and luxury, while bold cuts emphasize individuality and style.
Festive Mood

A burgundy dress with a wide skirt and high heels is the perfect choice for winter holidays. Elegant and celebratory, this look is filled with warmth and comfort, much needed in the cold season.

Exquisite Evening

An emerald dress with an open back and high slit demonstrates boldness and elegance. The deep color and velvet fabric add majesty and chic to the look, making it unforgettable.

Blue Harmony

A blue dress with an original collar and a long skirt with a slit adorns and emphasizes the figure, combining dynamism and stature. This outfit is ideal for evening events where impeccable style and confidence are required.

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